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Awestruck Visitors Attend Soft Opening

“It looks amazing!”

“I love it! It’s lit.”

“It’s beautiful with so many different rooms for different activities.”

“It’s gorgeous. Very impressive. Beautiful.”

“It feels like therapy. Art lifts me up and makes me happy.”

“Vicki [CEO of CBS] has raised the bar for the people we serve.”

These were just a few of the expressions of awe and admiration heard during the unveiling of the Hudson Valley InterArts Center on December 13 on Jon Barrett Road in Patterson, NY. This one-of-a-kind, multi-arts hub, nestled in the heart of Putnam County, officially opened its doors for a soft opening, inviting visitors into a world of boundless creativity.

The exterior of the Hudson Valley InterArts Center, a large soft white industrial building with grey trim and black windows, surrounded by trees and a bright sky.

Upon entering the InterArts Center, guests are greeted by a beautifully crafted reception area featuring a custom-built light table that will be used to showcase pieces of art. The atmosphere exudes warmth and elevated craftsmanship, setting the tone for what lays beyond.

The receptionist, Anastasia, beamed, “There are lots of wonderful people, beautiful smiles. The space is beautiful, big, and marvelous!” And marvelous it is, indeed. The 15,000 square foot building is a dedicated haven for the arts and creative community. Every corner of the building resonates with an industrial aesthetic fused with the warmth of imagination. Large industrial windows flood the space with natural light, high ceilings create an expansive feel, and vibrant activity fills the air. There’s even a dedicated conference/art gallery space, a cozy coffee bar, and workstations for those looking to imbue work with inspiration.

A sign that says, "What does community mean to you?" is placed on a table with art supplies and art work.

Visitors embarked on captivating tours through the InterArts Center, exploring a variety of studios tailored for different artistic expressions. From arts and crafts to ceramics, podcasting to sound, drumming to dance, and performance to painting, every studio was buzzing with creative life. Signs that asked pointed questions, invited people to participate in the narrative and vision of the InterArts Center. “What does community mean to you?” “What do you dream can happen here?” “How do you connect to others through art?” 

“We had a vision, and it came to fruition. At some point we will be open to the wider community.”
Vicki Sylvester, PHD
Vicki Sylvester, PhD

The Hudson Valley InterArts Center is made possible in part by the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation. Currently, over 200 people enter its doors each week to engage in classes taught by professional artists and musicians, ensuring a high-quality creative experience. The InterArts Center welcomes people of all abilities from Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange Counties, with satellite locations, including the CBS Farm, Cultivating Dreams. The InterArts Center aims to support social and emotional health, providing a space that fosters joy and fun. With no artistic caliber to be met or rigid guidelines to follow, everyone is welcome to explore creative avenues in a safe and supportive environment.

“It feels like therapy. Art lifts up my emotions and makes me happy,” said class participant Daniella. 

This unveiling marks not just the opening of a multi-arts center but the unlocking of creative potential, providing a stage for expression, a canvas for dreams, and a community for everyone. To explore our schedule of classes, visit here.

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