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Call to Artists

If you are passionate about the intersection of art and healing, hold a commitment to inclusivity, and believe in the power of artistic expression to forge community connections, we invite you to be a part of our team at InterArts! Join us in creating an environment where artistic and healing arts converge, breaking down barriers, and forming community connections through shared creative and transformative experiences. Reach out to be a catalyst for creativity, healing, and community in our
inclusive artistic and healing arts studio.

– Proven experience in teaching artistic or healing arts.
– Understanding and appreciation of diverse abilities.
– Proficiency in one or more artistic or healing disciplines.
– Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
– Commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive community.

Seeking Facilitators / Educators / Therapists in:

We are seeking instructors to not only teach various dance styles but also build a strong community
while celebrating inclusivity. Whether it be dance, yoga, or tai chi, join us in creating an environment that
celebrates diverse abilities, fostering a community where everyone feels welcome and empowered to
express themselves through movement!

Spread your creativity as a Theater Arts Facilitator in our vibrant studio! Please bring your theatrical
expertise to guide individuals of all abilities through the world of drama, improvisation, and storytelling.
We are seeking teachers that are able to weave the importance of connection and community support
into their classes, as we aim to build lasting friendships and lasting impacts into each and every one of
our offerings.

If you are passionate about sharing the power of mindfulness practices, we would love you to join our
team, as we create a nurturing environment for individuals seeking balance and serenity. We are seeking
those who are excited to share their knowledge and guide individuals through transformative
experiences through classes that promote holistic well-being. Through sound healing, meditation,
journaling and more, we hope to build a community that values and supports everyone’s unique

We are seeking mentors who are interested in helping to elevate our studio’s creative atmosphere while
designing classes to be both engaging and accessible for all abilities. Inspire budding artists and
podcasters, guiding them through the intricacies of music production, audio editing, and the art of
engaging storytelling. Creativity knows no boundaries here!

Help us to shape the visual storytellers of tomorrow by becoming a Video Editing or Animation instructor. We are looking for teachers that can create an inclusive space where individuals with various abilities can explore digital editing and animation, while building a community that celebrates diversity! Share your skills in digital editing, animation, and visual effects to empower students in bringing their creative visions to life.

We are on the lookout for instructors who are committed to embracing diverse abilities while cultivating a sense of community through the magic of digital creativity. In our classes, we hope to embrace the unique perspectives each artist brings to the table, while guiding students through the nuances of various digital art forms. Join us in creating an environment where digital art becomes a universal language, breaking down barriers, and forming community connections through the shared love of creating in the digital realm.

Create an environment that accommodates diverse abilities, guiding students through the tactile world of clay. If you are passionate about ceramics and possess a commitment to inclusivity, we invite you to be a part of our studio! Join us in creating an environment where the joy of ceramics transcends individual abilities, and community connections are formed through the shared love of creating art!

Are you looking to ignite creativity in students of all abilities? We are too! From watercolor painting to weaving, we are seeking instructors across all forms of arts and crafts. Join us as we celebrate diverse and innovative approaches to artistic expression, fostering a community that values inclusion and supports each artist’s unique gifts!

Looking for mentors and educators that believe in the power of words! Guide aspiring writers and poets of all abilities, creating an inclusive community that celebrates the rich tapestry of language and self expression.

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