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Ernesto Abreu

Rhythmic Journeys: Drumming

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Embark on a rhythmic adventure with “Rhythmic Journeys,” our dynamic drumming class, led by Ernesto Abreu. This class combines music appreciation, cultural exploration, and the joy of communal rhythm-making. From the lively introduction to the soothing meditation and playful musical games, each class promises a unique and immersive experience.

Key Highlights:
1. Community Drumming: Begin each class in a circle, fostering a sense of community. Get to know each other through the Drum Name Game, where the beat of the drum chants each student’s name, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Global Rhythms: Dive into the beats of the PanAfrican diaspora, exploring rhythms from the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Central Africa, and West Africa. Half of the class plays hand drums, while the other half engages with percussion instruments like shakers and bells, creating a harmonious blend of diverse sounds.

3. Body and Mind Connection: Energize your body with gentle stretches, preparing for the rhythmic exploration ahead. Following the invigorating movement, experience a moment of tranquility during meditation with instruments like the ocean drum and chimes, providing a serene interlude in the class.

4. Interactive Music Games: Engage in a variety of music games that enhance musical understanding and coordination. These activities encourage creativity and playful exploration within the realm of rhythm.

5. Farewell in Song: Bid farewell with the “Adios Amigos Song,” a heartwarming conclusion to each class. Share the joy of music one last time, creating a connection that resonates until the next rhythmic gathering.

“Rhythmic Journeys” is more than just a drumming class; it’s a cultural and musical odyssey that celebrates diversity, fosters community, and invites participants to explore the rich tapestry of global rhythms. Join us for a rhythmic adventure where every beat tells a story, and music becomes a shared language that transcends boundaries.


Class level: ASSISTED. This class will include assistance for students needing support in engagement and participation. This may be assistance from instructors, support staff, or caregivers, or a combination of the above. Assistance is encouraged, and accessibility is a priority. Students should be prepared for diverse abilities, and engagement that is both independent and collaborative with support.  

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Rhythmic Journeys (FRI 11AM CDF)
( Remaining tickets 30.000000 )

Date And Time

2024-08-09 @ 11:00 AM to
2024-08-09 @ 12:00 PM

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