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Erin Jennings


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Welcome to our Dance and Music Exploration class, taught by Erin Jennings. This class is specially designed to create a welcoming space for people of  all abilities, providing a platform for artistic self-expression through the joy of movement and music. This class is crafted to ensure that every participant has the opportunity to engage in dance and music, adapting choreography to meet individual abilities.

Key Features:
1. Adapted Choreography: Our class is dedicated to making dance accessible to everyone. Choreography is thoughtfully adapted to enable all members to participate to the best of their abilities, fostering a sense of inclusion and accomplishment.

2. Multi-Sensory Experience: Engage in a holistic experience that combines warm-up exercises, dance movements, and routines. We incorporate props like shakers and scarves to enhance upper body movement, allowing for participation in both the musical and kinesthetic aspects of dance.

3. Music Creation with Shakers: Making music is a fundamental aspect of human expression. By incorporating shakers into our class, we provide an avenue for participants to create and participate in music, ranging from simple beats to complex classical pieces. This collaborative effort encourages teamwork and leadership skills.

4. Scarves for Rhythm and Expression: The use of scarves adds a dynamic element to the class, allowing participants to explore rhythm and movement visually. Combined with practiced routines, this creates a complete aesthetic experience that stimulates both auditory and visual senses.

5. Building Confidence and Leadership: Working collaboratively with props not only enhances teamwork but also allows each student the opportunity to be a leader. This experience serves as a confidence builder and a source of self-pride, fostering skills that transcend the dance floor and apply to various aspects of life.

6. Open to All Abilities: Our class is inclusive and open to individuals of all abilities. Whether you’re looking to explore dance in a supportive community or share in the joy of movement, this class is tailored for you.

Join us in creating a space where dance and music become a source of empowerment, expression, and communal joy. Embrace the beauty of movement and rhythm in a class that celebrates the uniqueness of every participant.

Class Level: ASSISTED. This class will include assistance for students needing support in engagement and participation. This may be assistance from instructors, support staff, or caregivers, or a combination of the above. Assistance is encouraged, and accessibility is a priority. Students should be prepared for diverse abilities, and engagement that is both independent and collaborative with support.

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Movement (TUES 12:30PM)
( Remaining tickets 30.000000 )

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2024-09-24 @ 12:30 PM to
2024-09-24 @ 01:30 PM

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