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Karen Jaimes

Clay Community

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Welcome to Clay Community—a unique and immersive class led by Karen Jaimes where participants come together to explore the endless possibilities of clay in a supportive group environment. In this experiential journey, friends and fellow clay enthusiasts will embark on a creative exploration of texture and form, pushing the boundaries of clay and fostering strong community bonds along the way.

Through hands-on experimentation, participants will delight in stretching clay to its limits, from thin and floppy to mushy slip, and using various tools to impart texture and dimension. Building upon these foundational techniques, students will then collaborate with their peers, sharing their 3D forms with the person on their right and collectively adding onto them to create a shared clay community masterpiece.

This ongoing hand-building class spans a minimum of 4 weeks, with options for extended sessions of 6 or 8 weeks ideal for those seeking a comprehensive introduction to clay. Throughout the course, students will develop fundamental skills in pinching, coiling, and slab building, laying the groundwork for endless creative exploration.

Open to individuals of all abilities, Clay Community offers a welcoming and inclusive space where creativity knows no bounds. Join us as we sculpt, shape, and bond together in the world of clay. Sign up today and be part of our thriving clay community!


Class Level: ASSISTED. This class will include assistance for students needing support in engagement and participation. This may be assistance from instructors, support staff, or caregivers, or a combination of the above. Assistance is encouraged, and accessibility is a priority. Students should be prepared for diverse abilities, and engagement that is both independent and collaborative with support.  

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Clay Community (TUES 11AM)
( Remaining tickets 16.000000 )

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2024-10-01 @ 11:00 AM to
2024-10-01 @ 12:00 PM

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