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Daniel O'Brien

Animal Art Painting Class: Unleash Your Inner Wildlife Artist

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Ready to embark on an artistic safari? Join our Animal Art Painting class, where the canvas becomes a vibrant menagerie of creatures from every corner of the globe. In this unique experience, participants will be guided through a delightful step-by-step process, taught by Daniel O’Brien, to bring diverse animals to life, set against the backdrop of their natural habitats. Our seasoned instructor will skillfully guide you through each stroke, ensuring that every participant, regardless of experience, can capture the essence of their chosen animal with confidence. Let your creative spirit run wild as you personalize your artwork, making each piece uniquely yours. This class isn’t just about painting animals; it’s about connecting with the untamed spirit of the wild. Unleash your creativity and let your brush roam free as you capture the beauty of the animal kingdom on canvas.

Class Level: ASSISTED. This class will include assistance for students needing support in engagement and participation.  This may be assistance from instructors, support staff, or caregivers, or a combination of the above. Assistance is encouraged, and accessibility is a priority. Students should be prepared for diverse abilities, and engagement that is both independent and collaborative with support.

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Animal Art (MON 11AM)
( Remaining tickets 30.000000 )

Date And Time

2024-08-12 @ 11:00 AM to
2024-08-12 @ 12:00 PM

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